Today’s high-tech driven world is constantly threatened by random and organized security threats. We strive to make your business as secure and resistant to any kind of local or remote attack that you can (or can’t !) conceive of. We will study your complete network and hardware deployment from your personal desktop at home to your mission-critical servers at corporate-level facilities and integrate vertically and horizontally a unified security policy to create our point-of-trust relationship between you and 3 Atlantic Systems.The following is a list of technologies and systems we have expertise on and will offer you in our solutions:

  •  Topology
  • Network analysis
  • Firewalling
  • Packet analysys
  • Attacks : DoS / IP Spoofing
  • Virus prevention / Trojans / Worms
  • Remote Monitoring


We work with the following vendors :

  • Cisco PIX series
  • Linksys RV series
  • SonicWALL series
  • Watchguard FireBox series
  • GE DVMRe Triplex
  • BOSCH Divar
  • DLink IP Cameras
  • Linksys IP Cameras

And use:

  • Network Scanners
  • VNC / PcAnywhere
  • Removable media