VoIP network: Homestead Legal Center

Homestead Legal Center is a legal corporation located in the tip of continental Florida, in the USA. With offices in Weston, FL and Atlanta, GA, and communication bills averaging in the hundreds of dollars and tens of thousands of minutes a month, they needed a solution to reduce costs and make conferencing between locations easier and more efficient. Working in conjunction with their IT representative, a VoIP system was set up based around a 3PBX-2802 and a Mediatrix 1204 gateway, connecting over 12 IP and Softphones to their network.

Community and Police Force website :: League of Jewish Voters

In mid 2008, Alan Sakowitz, outstanding community member of the North Miami Beach, approaches 3 Atlantic Systems to develop a law enforcement and community services web site oriented to the Jewish community in North Miami Beach, and aiming to expand itself to the national and international Jewish community. The result, a 1000+ user website with professional flash designs that reached hundreds of thousands of clicks in less than 6 months.