VoIP network :: Locatel

Locatel / Plenia Health is a Multinational chain of stores similar to Walgreen’s or CVS, based originally in Venezuela but with stores now in several Latin American countries and Florida, USA.
The need arose in mid 2008 for an integrated VoIP network to connect the stores and headquarters in every location, with a first stage to include Caracas, Venezuela, and Aventura, Florida. The project was a success, eliminating the need for costly dedicated communication networks and long distance charges.

VoIP network :: Biohealth LLC

Biohealth LLC, a multinational company specializing in health and medical supplies approached 3 Atlantic Systems in 2006 to connect their Brickell based Miami, FL office to their headquarters in Santiago, Chile. The network was elegantly and economically connected via their 2 PBX’s and 2 ATA’s.