Every day new software is invented, trying to replace old code, old ways. Some work, some don’t. The market is full of faulty, overcoded or simply full of bugs code.

  • Do you have access to the manufacturer, to solve critical issues ?
  • Can you have them do it before the next release, months away in the future?
  • Will your software reach the end of its cycle soon ?
  • Will the company that created it exist in 6 months ?
  • Will it handle increasing needs of your company for interconnected users ?
  • Does it handle your hardware well ?
  • Is it expandable enough?Flexible enough ?
  • Customizable enough ?
  • Will it talk to other software you have ?
  • Is its licensing policy fair and flexible, or are they overcharging you ?


At 3 Atlantic Systems, we have no preferences; our only goal is to pair the right software to the right hardware, the right solution to the right customer.

We work with the following systems :

  • Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista
  • Linux (RH,CentOS,SuSE,Ubuntu, Real Time)

We develop in :

  • PHP / JavaScript / AJAX / HTML / XML
  • Visual Studio (C#, Visual Basic)
  • C++ (gcc)
  • qt
  • MySQL / SQL Server / Oracle / Sybase