3 Atlantic Systems was founded by Industrial Engineer Andres Loi in 2005, being incorporated in the State of Florida, in the United States. Originally working in Chile through its Chilean predecessor, ALK Systems (founded in 1997 in Santiago, Chile), and after relocating to Germany and later California, Mr. Loi moved operations to the City of Miami to better serve Latin American and European markets from a vantage geographical and commercial location.

Our name reflects our 3 origins, 3 being the number of cities originally served by our founder (Santiago, Miami and Frankfurt), and Atlantic being the ocean our company has had to cross several times in the past decade to serve our customers.

The company has grown from a modest technical support & training operation in the late 1990’s to a solution-oriented, multinational, multilingual systems, technology and operations consulting firm today, picking up knowledge and experience in such diverse fields as industrial robotics, e-learning, fiber optic networking, mining, financial and banking services and many others.

3 Atlantic Systems prides itself in having served its customers without ever saying no to a challenge, and being able to fulfill its promise of clean, efficient and scalable solutions to a wide base of customers over the years.